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Catering By The Person - Catering Menu
Pittsburgh, PA

2 Mains Combo Per Person 4 Sides (min 20 people)


Choose 2 meats and 4 sides. Addition cost for brisket or ribs. Serving sizes are based upon 6 ounce serving per person (1/3 rack of ribs) . If you have guests with heartier appetites or heavier hands we recommend ordering for more people. 
For example if you want 10% more multiple your guest count times 1.10 (25 people x 1.10=place order for 28 people)

Catering Per Person Meat Choices:BBQ Chicken Breast Brisket +$1.50Pulled Pork Pulled Seitan (vegan) Tofu Kabobs Ribs +$2House Smoked Salmon (served cold) +$2
Catering Per Person Sides:Mac & Cheese (pp) Cole Slaw (pp) DW Salad (pp) Roasted Fingerling Potatoes (pp) Garlic Mashies (pp) Onion Rings (pp) +$2Broccoli (pp) +$1Cornbread (pp) chocolate chip cookies (pp)
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